How to Activate Net Banking in SBI?

Net Banking makes minor transactions easy and is now being widely advertised to be used as it reduces a lot of unnecessary labor. The Internet has made our lives easier than we once thought. Net banking is a part of the same as it is also known as Internet banking and it brings our banks closer to us. This kind of bank is known by other names viz. e-banking, online banking, and sometimes even virtual banking. In this article, you will get “Who can apply to activate net banking in SBI?”, “How to apply for net banking in SBI?” and “How to protect ourselves from fraud?”.

It is quite exhausting even thinking about the long and never-lasting queues in the bank for any minor activity with the bank account. Sometimes apart from too many bank customers’ queues, the server of the bank or the bank employee may also be the result of the delay for any transaction or any kind of activity with the bank account. Sometimes these delays prove to be a danger to the schedule that every working person has.

Well, to every problem, now, there is a solution. There is no need for standing in long queues for a minor transaction via your bank account; this is now available on your mobile phones and also other electronic devices that can get access to the internet easily. All you need is a bank account in a recognized bank and easy internet access; this saves a lot of time and a lot of labor.

A lot of banks have established online banking are making ease/convenient for their customers and are giving their best to have the happiest customers. State Bank of India, well known for its abbreviation i.e. SBI, has the most widely used internet/online banking access by its customers.

We have known what online/internet/net banking is, now let’s know how to be an active user of the same.

Who Can Apply for Internet Banking at SBI?

Let’s know who all are eligible to apply for the activation of net banking in SBI.

  • The applicant must have a valid bank account in SBI.
  • He/ she should have their mobile number linked with their bank account.
  • He/she should have a valid ATM card for the same bank account.
  • And of course, an active internet connection.

How to Activate Net Banking in SBI?

Once you are eligible to apply for the activation of net banking, follow the steps mentioned below to activate the net banking in SBI.

1. Online Method

Let’s know the online method to apply for the activation of net banking in SBI.

  • Open up the official web portal of SBI.
  • Go to the “Personal Banking” section, in there, select “New User Registration/Activation”.
  • A registration form opens up, fill it up accordingly.

Make sure to provide all the information correctly in the form.

  • Now, select the transaction limit rights, and then submit the form.
  • After submitting the form, an OTP is generated on the registered mobile number.
  • To proceed forward, select the Debit/ATM card option and provide the respective details.

Now, you have successfully registered for online/ net banking and can activate the respective services.

  • After submitting the above formalities a temporary username shows up.
  • Create a login password.
  • After the completion, visit the official site of SBI once again and log in using the temporarily provided username with the created password.
  • Now, you can change the username and password, if needed.

This is applicable if the customer has not received any Pre-Printed kit for internet banking from the bank itself; if the customer has received it he/ she may use the provided login username and password to log in for the first time.

Now, you may do minor transactions and even huge transactions just in a few clicks while sitting on your chair, at home.

2. Offline Method

Since you are going for online banking, you should have internet.

  • Download the registration form and fill it up with the required details; make sure the details provided are all correct.
  • Now you will have to go to the SBI branch where you have your account to submit the form.
  • Then the Branch Officer would help you and guide you further with the same procedure and would avail you with your pre-printed internet banking kit.
  • You may use the given login username and password to login into the official website of SBI and if needed you may also change the username and password after logging in the first time.

There are a lot of frauds roaming the internet, the user should be well aware of these frauds and should know the ways to protect the information online and prevent being a victim of any kind of fraud.

How to Protect Ourselves Against these Frauds?

  • Make sure to keep your PCs free from malware.
  • Never disclose your password to anyone or respond to any text requesting your password.
  • Make sure to change the password after some time.

1. Before Logging In

  • Make sure the URL in the site’s address begins with “HTTP”.
  • The status bar shall show a padlock symbol.
  • To view and verify the security certificate, click on the padlock.
  • If the address bar turns green, it indicates that the site is secured with an SSL certificate.
  • Beware of Phishing.

In this, the attacker tries to get to know all the personal information required to get access to your bank account and its cash. This is mostly done via email or normal texts and even phone calls. Kindly avoid such kind of fraud by not providing any information to people asking for it, out of the blue.

The SBI or its representatives never sends such texts via email or phone calls to ask for any confidential information such as your login username and password.

If at all, you come across any such type of fraud, make sure to report it at so that the officials can take legal actions against the attacker and make the environment of the internet free of fraud and safe.


Internet/Online/Net Banking has made our transaction quite easier which is accessible within a few clicks. The only drawback of this kind of banking involves online fraud, but by taking some precautions and being aware of the internet environment you can always be safe and protected.

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