Bihar Berojgari Bhatta: Online Registration, Eligibility & Benefits

The Government of Bihar has released a new scheme for the educated unemployed youths i.e Berojgari Bhatta. This scheme has been designed taking into consideration the interest of educated youths. Under this Berojgari Bhatta Yojana, the state government aims to serve the educated unemployed youths. People who are educated yet, have no jobs can support their families with the help of the money provided by this scheme.

If you want to know more about this scheme, then you are at the right place. I shall be discussing the benefits you get from this scheme. All important things like the benefits and features will be discussed in this scheme. Also, the eligibility criteria and process of application will be discussed in this article. You should now slowly scroll down and start reading the article fully now.

Main Objective

As the country through a very hard time, there is a huge increase in the number of unemployed youths. Some youths are on the verge of bankruptcy. To help these youths, the Government is trying to help them through this scheme.

  1. The first mission of this scheme is to provide appropriate employment to educated youths.
  2. Youths who are employed after completing any degree shall be given a sum of 1000 rupees monthly.
  3. Through this scheme, the Government is trying to lessen the burden on their family.
  4. Youths who are unable to find a job after completing a course will be given first preference.

These are the main objectives of Berojgari Bhatta Yojana.

1. The objective of Berojgar Bhatta Yojana

The objective of this scheme is to help the educated youths who have no jobs after completion of their course. They shall be benefitted monetarily by the Government. Under this, you will be given a compensation of Rupees 1000 monthly. With this money, you can take care of your family and yourself.

Main benefits of Bihar Berojgar Bhatta Yojana:

The benefits of this scheme are immense. And it has been designed specifically taking into consideration the plight of educated youths.

  1. Unemployed youths who have completed their course but are unable to get any job will be given rupees 1000.
  2. Through this money, the youth can take care of his family.
  3. Through this scheme, the Government also tries to give the youth suitable employment.
  4. The money which gets sent from the Government gets directly deposited in his /her bank account.
  5. Any unemployed youth who have completed his/her course but cannot get a job will be given some monetary support from the Government.
  6. This will be beneficial for the families who are doing well in terms of money.
  7. Apart from all these, the process of application is very simple and easy to apply.

Bihar Berojgari Bhatta Yojana Eligibility

The scheme is not for every individual. Not all educated unemployed youths are eligible for this scheme. You will only be eligible if you fulfill the eligibility criteria given below.

  1. Your age should not be between 21 years and 35 years. If your age is below or above this limit, you are not allowed for this scheme.
  2. Apart from this, most importantly you must possess a graduate or a post-graduate degree at least. Only then you will be eligible for this scheme.
  3. Another very important criterion will be that your family income should not increase more than 300000.
  4. You must pass the 12th standard. If you have done any diploma or polytechnic in place of 12th, kindly clarify with the officials if you are eligible or not.
  5. Most importantly, you should be a permanent resident of Bihar.
  6. He/ she should not be working in any private or government jobs. If you have got a job within the time frame of applying to this scheme, you should inform the rightful authority and withdraw the application.
  7. You should have a bank account in which the Government will send money.

Application Procedure for Berojgar Bhatta Yojana

The application procedure for Berojgar Bhatta Yojana is very simple. I shall explain the procedure step by step. If you follow the steps, you can easily complete the application in few easy steps. But before, I directly go to the process, I will discuss the documents required to complete the application process.

1. Documents Required

I shall now tell you about the important documents you need to have before applying to this scheme. Make sure you have these documents before you proceed to start your application.

  1. Adhaar card of the applicant
  2. residential certificate or address proof
  3. age proof document
  4. mobile number
  5. 12th mark sheet
  6. Graduation mark sheet
  7. Post-graduation mark sheet
  8.  Passport size photo
  9. Domicile of Bihar

These are the documents required before you start applying. Make sure, you have each one of them before you proceed towards applying.

2. Apply Online

Here, I will be showing you a detailed step-by-step procedure to apply for this scheme. You can easily follow the steps and apply for yourself. Below, are the steps for it.

  1. First of all, go to the official site of the Education Department or the Development and Labor Department website.
  2. Go ahead and click on the Home page.
  3. Find an option for new applicant registration.
  4. A new page shall open up which will have an online form.
  5. Here, you need to fill in all the information required to fill in the form. Give your details like mobile number, Adhaar card number, address proof.
  6. After that, you will see a send OTP option.
  7. Click on this option.
  8. An OTP will come to you.
  9. Put the OTP in the given blank again and then fill in Captcha and submit.
  10. Upload the necessary documents and you are good to go.
  11. You are registered into the portal.
  12. Then again log in using your credentials and then go ahead and complete any filling up remaining.

This is how you are supposed to register for the scheme.


Here are some important FAQs by users.

1. What is the age required for this scheme?

To apply for this scheme, you should be aged between 21 to 35 years old.

2. What is the documents required for this scheme?

The documents required to complete the applications are many, I have listed the documents in the article.


Hope this article helped you in understanding the Bihar Berojgar Bhatta scheme in detail. You can apply for this scheme yourself. Also spread the word among the people who need this scheme.


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