Coronavirus Symptoms Day by Day in Adults And Kids

Ever since April 2020, Coronavirus has been rising and more and more people are getting infected by the virus. As the symptoms of this disease are very similar to the common cold, it is very much difficult to detect it. There is a lot of ambiguity regarding this disease. So a lot of people are searching for the Coronavirus symptoms day by day. In this article, we shall be looking into the symptoms of Coronavirus infection in a very detailed manner. This will help the reader to detect it and take action earlier.

In this article, we shall be seeing the initial symptoms and the exact symptoms which appear as days pass by. If you were searching for this, you have finally found the right place. Here we shall see how is Covid different from the common flu. So without any further ado, let me start discussing coronavirus symptoms day by day. This will help you understand better and will get time to decide.

Coronavirus Symptoms Day by Day in Adult Life

Over here, we shall see the symptoms visible in a patient as the day progresses. These symptoms are discussed taking into account adult patients.

1. Initial Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a disease that needs to be handled very early. In this section, we will see the early symptoms of this disease. The initial symptoms of this disease are something like this.

  1. The first symptoms found in almost all the patients is that they will have mild fever and chill.
  2. Patients might have dry coughs.
  3. You might also experience muscular aches.
  4. Sore-throat might also occur.
  5. Most importantly, if you are experiencing shortness of breath, it is a red flag.
  6. Patients might also experience mild to severe headaches.
  7. Patients can also have a loss of taste and smell.

These are some of the initial symptoms for general aged people.

2. Symptoms as the Day Passes

These are the symptoms that will help you confirm if there is coronavirus or not. The symptoms which I am going to discuss here are more grave than the initial symptoms. If you are facing any such symptoms then you need to immediately seek medical assistance. In such a situation do not panic, just be calm if any of these symptoms match. Below are the symptoms of Coronavirus.

  1. With the passage of days, the patient will have severe breathing problems. A patient will be given external oxygen.
  2. Patients will not be able to wake up for long hours. They will simply faint after waking for some time.
  3. Patients will have no clarity of thinking.
  4. There will be mild to severe chest pain happening in the patient.
  5. One of the symptoms is that they will have bluish lips and nails, They might also turn pale.

These are some of the symptoms which you need to look for. If you find any of these symptoms, you need to rush the patient to the hospital soon. These symptoms show that the condition of the patient is very grave. He/ She needs immediate medical treatment. Delay of medical treatment can lead to a very grave situation.

3. Stroke Symptoms

There are also possibilities of stroke in Covid patients. Do take care and obtain medical treatment at the soonest. You should monitor the patient very frequently and see that situations do not turn grave. Over here we shall look at some of the symptoms which will tell you if the patient will get a stroke.

  1. If one of the limbs of the patient is not so active and weak, then there is a chance that the patient is going to have a stroke. To test better, you should tell the patient to raise both of his/her arms. If one of the arms sags then it is a clear indication that there is going to be a stroke.
  2. You can predict that the person is going to have a stroke by looking at his/ her face. If you see that one part of the face is drooping or sagging, then there is a possibility that the person will suffer from a stroke.
  3. If their speech is very unclear and they seem to pronounce some words in a jumbled way, then it might be an early sign of stroke.
  4. A very important thing is if these symptoms linger, you must call the doctor immediately. Lingering such situations can be very fatal.

Vaccines are not supposed to be administered to people who are already suffering from Covid. Remdevesir is the only drug approved by FDA till now. This drug is only to be administered to people who are in very grave situations.

Coronavirus Symptoms Day by Day In Kids

The new strain of Covid which is the Delta variant is seriously affecting children. Now the symptoms of these children are very different from what the adults are facing. We are going to discuss these symptoms.

1. Initial Symptoms

The initial symptoms in children for coronavirus are more like the common cold. The symptoms include:

  1. The child might be having a dry cough
  2. Younger children will have a sore throat
  3. They might also have a headache
  4. Children can suffer from running noses.

2. Severe Symptoms

The severe symptoms of children are very different from those occurring in adult people. Below, I am describing the symptoms.

  1. The child will be experiencing extreme fatigue if he is infected severely with the Coronavirus. This is one of the earliest symptoms which will be seen in the children.
  2. Children might also experience gastrointestinal problems. They will have more severe stomach problems and will have problems with indigestion. This will lead to the weakness of the child.
  3. The child will suffer from frequent mood swings and will have lesser clarity of thoughts. They will also forget many things easily.
  4. It is very much possible that the kid will lose all power of smell. If the kid cannot tell the smell of garlic then it is a clear indication that Covid has increased its influence on the kid.
  5. The kid might be suffering from headaches more frequently now.

Difference Between Common Cold And Covid

There is a thin difference between Common cold and Covid. It is not so easy to differentiate but you can see the chart below to determine if you have covid or not.

Final Words

Hope this article helped you in understanding the symptoms of Coronavirus vividly. You can check if the patient is having early symptoms and then go on to seek medical assistance. One piece of advice does not delay in seeking medical assistance. You can also see the chart at the end to ascertain if you or the patient has Covid or not. With that, I call it a day, and tell me what you think about the article below.

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