Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online [Guide]

Make corrections to the Cowin vaccine certificate to travel. Whether you are traveling nationally or internationally, this certificate has become your passport. Now you can change your name, address, and mobile number and also can add your passport with this certificate. For making corrections to the certificate visit the official website i.e.

Cowin Correction Window 2021

The application for the correction is available at, those who are willing to change their address, name, or phone number can now correct the portal. The government of India has now added more features to Now candidates are allowed to correct in case any information in the Cowin vaccine certificate is wrongly entered. Don’t forget to check out the complete detail to correct the Covid Vaccine Certificate. You can find below the complete information.

COWIN Vaccine Certificate Correction Online Process

Cowin Vaccine Certificate

The government has now introduced the certificate for vaccination for people who want to travel nationally or internationally. This will make their way easy, India is the first country to introduce this certificate.

The government has started the vaccination process in January. At the time of the first phase, the recipients were front-line workers from all the fields. In the second phase, the recipients were above the age of 45 and below 60 years. Now the government has made available the certificate for those who are completely vaccinated. You just have to visit the portal by using

It is important to know the correct procedure for correcting, so here is the complete process for making the changes in your Cowin vaccine certificate.

  • Visit official website
  • Enter your registered number and enter the OTP for verification
  • When your verification will be complete, you will at the homepage
  • On your dashboard find the option of raise an issue
  • On accessing this option, opt for the certificate correction
  • Then click on what is the issue? You have to tick the option
  • Click on the continue button
  • After this enter the correction that you have opted for and click on continue
  • Finally, you are done and your certificate will show the changes

Now the people can make the changes in Name, DOB, Age, Photo, Gender, etc. The government is helping people to rectify the mistakes and make it easy for the people. The people will also be able to correct the vaccine and the person to whom they get the vaccine. The procedure is defined you have to check this procedure. This will help you to know that whether the vaccination certificate is original or not. Therefore, you can verify the Cowin Vaccine certificate.

{Note: The changes will take place at once only, and these changes are possible after the process of completion of vaccination process)

Verify Vaccine Certificate To Check Authenticity

Cowin Vaccine Certificate

Once you are vaccinated, government issues a certificate as proof of vaccination. It has a secure QR code to protect against any falsification. The authentication can be check easily from the official website. the authentication of the certificate.

  1. Go to the COWIN site and click on verify certificate button
  2. Click on Scan QR Code
  3. Scan the QR Code
  4. On successful verification, certificate successfully vaccinated or it will show certificate invalid

This is how you can check the authenticity of the COWIN Vaccine Certificate. The process is simple and easy to clear whether your certificate is authentic or not.

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