Garena Free Fire Max Release Date and Pre Registration

Free Fire Max has become a popular game since its release in 2017. Presently, it has millions of users across the globe. Free Fire has just upgraded its game. Until lately, it was not available in India. Early access and pre-registration have just started in India too. This game will be a more improved version of the previous one. Many people have already taken, it, you can do it by following the article. Fans of this game, are already trying to book for this game so that when it gets released, they get it without any delay.

If you want to know about the preregistration process and many other important things regarding Free Fire Max, you have come to the right place. When you preregister, you also get some rewards. Also, you pay attention to the system requirements for playing this game. In this article, you shall get to know all of this. All I would tell you to do now is scroll down and start reading.

Features of this Game

Free fire Max is a game published by Garena and the first version of the game came in 2017. It is a game based on war and battle. Over here you have to go to an island with 60 companions. You have to drop thereby parachute. After that, you need to find the weapons in that area. The game requires about 1.5 GB of memory to let it run properly. For mobile, you require 2GB.

Name of the company:                   Garena

Earlier version:                                 Free Fire

Size of the game                              1.5 GB

Available on:                                     Google Play, Apple Store for IOS user

Official link                              

The latest version of the game          Free Fire Max

About the Pre-Registration for Free Fire MAX

We shall be seeing the information regarding the pre-registration of Free Fire Max. The game has not been released yet, it has opened for preregistration. It has started in August 2021. You can preregister for the game so that when it is released, you get it first. The official date for the game is not released yet and so I cannot tell any confirming date yet.

Free Fire Max is a more advanced version of the Free fire game. In this game, you get more advanced animations and graphics.  It has a better frame rate. This game also has many parks within it. Also, the audio quality is very much better.

1. Detailed Process for Pre-registration of Free Fire Max

Over here, we will see the registration process. The process is pretty simple and if you are a fan of this game and want this game very badly, this is a very important section for you.  For preregistration, you need to apply via the Google Play store.

  1. First, open Google Playstore.
  2. Go to Free fire Max.
  3. Then click on it and then go ahead and click on it.
  4. After that, you will see that the app shall do preregistration by itself.

2. Rewards you Get for Pre-registration

The rewards you get for preregistration are many. Apart from that, there are some other important things you should know about pre-registration. Only they shall get the preregistration who register in the preregistration period. In this scheme one account is entitled to a one-time award only.

You will only receive the award after you get the game installed after the release. There is also an age criterion for this scheme and third-party websites cannot use this perk. In countries where this game is not available, you will not be able to access the reward.

  1. After completing 20 million Pre-Registrations – Cyber Max Skyboard
  2. After completing 30 million Pre-Registrations – Max Raychaser (Head)
  3. on completing 5 million Pre-Registrations – Max Raychaser (Bottom)
  4. After completing 10 million Pre-Registrations – 2x Gold Royale Voucher
  5. On 15 million Pre-Registrations – Max Raychaser (Facepaint)

These are the rewards you get for preregistration. You have to install the game to get these perks.

Free Fire Max Release Date

Free Fire Max game is the advanced version of the previous one. The publisher of this game is promising that it will have better audio and graphics. Earlier they had said that the game shall be released at the end of 2021. Now sometime in August, the company has started preregistration.

Many people have preregistered already. But regarding the final release of the game, not much is known as of now. Many reports say that they would release soon i.e at the end of 2021. Many predict that there might be a delay in the release. But if you are preregistered, once the game arrives, you will get to know by a notification in your registered mobile number.

Can you Download the FF Max APK in India?

Yes, you can download and install the game in India and there is nothing illegal about it. You can get the APK file for free until they announce the date for the official launch. You can find the link for download I many websites. For download, go to the Play store and see the details of how you can download the game properly.

For now, only the pre-registration is going on. If you pre-register now, you can get the game at the first release. The pre-registration has started on 28th August. For now, if you want the FF Max game, you have to preregister. There is no other way, you can play that game now in India. When it arrives in India, you will be given a notification.


Below, I am listing down some of the common questions.

1. Is Garena Free fire max like the second version of Free fire?

Yes, Free Fire Max is a more advanced version of the Free Fire game. Garena their publisher said that this game should be having better graphics and audio.

2. What is the cost of this game?

It is available for free in Google Play in Android, App Store in Apple.

3. When do you think will this game be released?

Most probably, I think I am expecting this game to be released at the end of this year. i.e end of 2021.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article and getting to know the status of your favorite game Free Fire Max. The game shall arrive soon by the end of this year so, you can understand that there is a pleasant surprise coming. All I would tell you is that you should pre-register for now and then wait patiently. Lastly, you should tell your view about this article.

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