iPhone 13 Release Date, Expected Price And Features

iPhone 13 is going to be released and there is a craze in the market to buy it first. Many people are trying to get the iPhone 13 as soon as possible. There is a craze for this product right now. Search queries like iPhone 13 cost and iPhone 13 features are at the top of the search. Many news has erupted with many rumors about the various features of the iPhone. There have also been some leaked photos of the iPhone 13. The design is much advanced than the other smartphones.

In this article, I shall be talking about iPhone 13 release date, expected price, and features. You can find almost all the things over here. You will get to know about the iPhone architecture, various versions, designs in this article. Also, you will find a lot of information regarding sim size, lens configuration, and many things in this article. So all, I would suggest is that you should sit back and slowly go through the article to know more about iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Release Date

There has been a lot of craze for iPhoen13 lately. This is because it is likely to be the latest release of the iPhone 13. Everyone is going to the internet and trying to find for iPhone 13 like crazy. Within this month, searches like, iPhone13 release date, iPhone13 features are some of the top searches in Google.

Generally, before the covid took place, Apple released its iPhone on the second Tuesday of September. The iPhone 8 series was launched on September 22, 2017, iPhone XS was launched on September 21 in 2018. Again they released iPhone 11 series on September 20, 2019. The only discrepancy came after the onset of Covid. The launch of the iPhone 12+ pro was released on October 23, 2020. This is why it becomes harder to predict the date of release of the iPhone13 series.

Though nothing official has been said about the iPhone13 release on that day we can think that it is a program for iPhone 13 release. Most probably, they will announce about iPhone 13 on September 14th and then finally release it on September 17. Again this is not the confirmed date but looking at the scenario, it looks like, it will be released on September 17.

iPhone 13 Features

In this section, I am going to discuss the features collected from various sources. In brief, I am listing it down below.

  1. According to the leaker, apple has an enhanced night mode and batteries which last longer.
  2. It will have far much more graphic enhanced graphic display and it will out-compete all Android devices in this area.
  3. The leaker also said that there will be a virtual program on September 14th.

Let me elaborate more on the iPhone 13 release date, expected Price, and Features

1. Design

Though there is no official declaration there is a ton of information coming from secondary sources to sketch the design. In this subsection, we shall look at the changed design of the iPhone. The camera of the iPhone has been changed and has been made larger. To be specific, it has been made diagonal. The sim card tray seems to be a bit different this time and also it is changing its location. The dimensions of the phone shall also change.

The notch of the phone will become smaller and better looking. The camera is arranged diagonally in your phone. It is rumored that the pro version will be larger than the iPhone 13. In this version, Apple will be combining its infrared illuminator, dot projector, and face id unlocking system in a single place. This is why the new iPhone shall become slimmer this time. The earpiece speaker will be at the top and not through the notch. They will not be in the NOTCH.

2. iPhone 13 Might not have a Touch ID

There are many rumors, according to the person who leaked the CAD files of iPhone 13 said that iPhone 13 will probably not have any Touch ID. Initially, people thought that it will have a touch ID but after the dummy prototypes got leaked, it was very doubtful. Recently even a Bloomberg report stated that the iPhone 13 will not be having a touch ID. The report also said that Apple has tested touch ID already but it has not incorporated the technology in the iPhone 13 phone.

But you do not need to be disappointed. It is being said that, it will have an improved face ID. The Face ID will also be able to recognize if your face has changed over the years. It will be smart enough to help you unlock your phone with your mask on it.

3. Device Colors

The colors of the iPhone are one of the main things. Many people care more about the looks of their iPhones. According to the sources iPhone 13 model is coming with primarily black, rose gold, silver, and sunset gold. Though other sources have published something different.

Recently an Ukranian newspaper has published a photo where, it was showing that iPhone Pro came in black, silver, gold, and new bronze options. Many other sources say that iPhone 13 can also be pink blue, purple.

4. iPhone Display will have a Samsung Screen

It is being said that the new iPhone will have a screen manufactured by Samsung display. The new iPhone 13 will have an LTPO panel which will be very amazing graphics. This screen shall have super smooth refreshing rates.

Companies like LG and Samsung will manufacture these screens in a way that will consume much lesser power. There are also rumors where people are saying that the phone might have an always-on system. The iPhone screen will also be manufactured by LG.

5. iPhone Battery and Charging

iPhone 13 is going to give its customer faster-charging 25mw. According to other sources, like Max Weinbach, they said that it will have wireless charging. Bloomberg also reported the same recently.

iPhone 13 Satellite Technology Feature

Amongst all the features, the main feature which is making the headline is the new satellite technology that is going to be incorporated in iPhone 13. Many sources are claiming that iPhone can do satellite communication like a satellite phone. This will be done with the help of LEO (low earth orbit) satellites. It is being said that the satellite signal connection will be very slow initially. This technology can be very useful for people who have got lost or have landed in places where the GPS does not work.

These messages and calls will appear in grey. An apple insider named Gurman told that the satellite feature will be enabled next year. You cannot use this feature right after the release.

iPhone 13 Price

iPhone 13 pricing will be very much similar to iPhone 12. The price of different version of iPhone 12 are $699, $799, $999 and $1,099 respectively. Most probably the prices of the iPhone13 will be around this pricing of iPhone12. But recently a report said that a TSMC official said that it is going to increase the production cost. This might reflect on the price of the iPhone.


Hope you enjoyed knowing about the iPhone13 release Date, Expected Price, and Features. Remember the probable date for release might be on September 13. Do let us know about your views on this article and do visit this blog for more interesting content.

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