Jio 5G Phone Booking, Price, Buy Online, Features & Specifications

Reliance might be launching the Jio 5G phone soon. The jio 5g phone is supposed to be a revolutionary phone which will provide several features at a cheap price. There is a huge craze amongst the people to know more about the phone. People are seldom searching about the features, cost, how to buy and many other things regarding the new Jio Phone. Initially, it was supposed to be launched in June but due to the world semiconductor shortage, Jio has decided to delay it.

The phone is made by Reliance Jio in collaboration with Google. We shall look at the possible dates of its release, the features and the things which matter to you. We shall also look into the probable pricing of the phone. All these things will be explained in very simple terms in this article. The things discussed in the article will help you know better if this phone is a good choice for you or not.

About Reliance Jio 5G Phone

People have been waiting for this phone for a long time now. This phone was mentioned in AGM 2021. This phone is being co-developed by Reliance Jio and Google. Earlier several sources are saying that the phone will cost around 5000 rupees. While others are saying that it will be no more than 2500 rupees.

Recently the authorities have released some information regarding the phone. Some of them may be disappointing you. In September the authorities said that it would not be a 5G mobile rather it would be a 4G mobile. This product will be aimed at bringing the people using 2G to 4G. the product will be ultracheap and will be for those who are in the interiors of the country.

1. Features Of the Jio 5G Phone

The features of the phone are not yet fully declared by the official sources. But a sketch of the features is known. Though it is being referred to as a 5G phone, it is a 4G phone. This phone will have almost all the features of a regular smartphone but will be very cheap.

  1. It is supposed to be an Android phone. Reports say that the phone will be powered by Android GO which is an OS based on Android 11.
  2. Reliance has said that it has collaborated with Qualcomm to design the phone. Many sources said that Reliance has done a deal with Qualcomm in which they will be making custom chips for their phone
  3. It is said that this phone will be having a TFT display and the probable size will be 2.4-inch. The pixel will be 320x 240 pixels.
  4. The battery storage will be 4000 mAH. This phone will support Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp.
  5. The good thing about this is that a single charge will last for the entire day.
  6.  It will have 2 or 3GB RAM which will have internal storage of 16 GB or 32 GB.
  7. It will contain a nano sim inside it, just like a general smartphone.
  8. The phone will be having a special type of camera that will have some augmented reality features. This is not yet explained very perfectly, so we need to wait until the release.

Why Reliance is Delaying the Release of Jio 5g phone?

Due to the new normal, companies are facing a lot of problems. There is a huge slowdown in semiconductor manufacturing due to the Covid crisis. Apart from that as there is a huge problem in mobility. This is why there is a huge slowdown in the manufacturing process. Industries are trying to rework their logistics which is a very complex thing.

1. Probable Date of Launch

The Jio phone was talked about on the 55th anniversary of Reliance Jio. After some time, the company released the first look of the phone. It was said that it was supposed to be released in June 2021. But after that, they declared that due to supply chain issues they were unable to perform properly. There is also news that there is a semiconductor scarcity which resulting in sluggish manufacturing.

Due to these reasons, the manufacturing was delayed. The next releasing date declared was in September 2021. But unfortunately, even that was canceled. Now there is no such official report regarding the smartphone release. But the many reports say that they are likely to release during the festival time or the new year. So you can expect that the release will happen soon.

Jio 5g Phone Price

Right from the declaration of this phone, it is said that it is being designed and priced to connect all of India and especially the lower strata of India. Authorities have emphasized lean manufacturing to lower its pricing. Amid the uncertainty of the project, everyone was tough to say the exact price of the phone. But many reports said that the phone will be priced around 4000- 5000. While other reports say that the cost will not be exceeding Rupees 2500.

Recently they declared that the price of the new Jio 5g phone (Jio Phone Next) will be Rupees 3499. This price is very cheap to the features it is providing. It is going to have many unique as compared to a Xiaomi or a One Plus phone. It has special camera features which will be the first of its kind.

What Sim Will We Have in Jio Phone?

The Jio phone will of course work best with the Jio sim. It will be a nano-type sim and will have a similar structure to any other phone. You don’t need to have to use the JIo sim only. You can use any sim of your choice. Many reports say that one of the slots of the sim will be reserved for the Jio sim or will come fixed in it.  In other slots, you can fix the sim of your desire.

Final Words

Hope you got to know about the Jio 5g phone (Jio Phone Next). Remember that though it is being referred to as the 5g phone it is an ultra-cheap 4 G mobile. Apart from that, I hope you got an approximate idea about the features of the phone. You can also share any other information which you know in the comments. With that, we come to an end of this article.

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