Maharashtra Lockdown Guidelines 2021: Will be Imposed Again?

In this post, you will get all information regarding Maharashtra Lockdown Guidelines 2021. The treat of Coronavirus is still on peak and the rising case in 2021 is scaring people. The epicenter of COVID-19, Maharashtra is again in the news due to the rising cases. Seeing this threat the Government of Maharashtra came into action for taking the necessary steps for preventing coronavirus. Though, some relaxations and restrictions are keeping in mind the situations.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray has tightened the rules.  The international travelers who were flying to Mumbai have to follow certain guidelines. As per the latest guidelines, the order was issued by the  Sitaram Kunte, even those people who have completed the process of vaccination, and have taken both doses are required to hold the  RT-PCR negative test. The Centre as well as the State Government has issued the guidelines earlier for 2-entry sets for the international flyers.

The fresh order was also given to the flyers arriving in the state of South Africa, European, and Middle East Countries. Earlier people from these countries have to be quarantined for at least 14-days along with the RT-PCR test. Now, relaxation has been provided on the process of 14-days Quarantine.

Situations in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has been continuously reporting the highest cases. And now it has reported 4342 new coronavirus cases and 55 fatalities while 4755 patients were duly recovered. As the cases are rising, the government on Wednesday has given clarity on the lockdown that will be imposed again if the oxygen demand crosses 700 tonnes daily. The state has surged more restrictions, especially when it comes to the major festivals like 10-day Ganeshotsav and Navratri to the various corners of the country.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra is daily reporting the LMO demand and supply on the regular basis with the ongoing rise in the Coronavirus cases for imposing the new restrictions so far.

Maharashtra Lockdown Third-Wave Cases

The Maharashtra Government has been continuously seeing the situation of Coronavirus; it has witnessed around 60 Lakh Cases with the possibility of keeping the third wave in mind. The Health Minister has shown a major concern about the rising cases. He conveyed that around 20 lakhs were affected in the first wave. 40 lakhs in the second wave and the major is to be expected in the third wave i.e. 60 Lakhs.

The Government of Maharashtra has urged everyone to behave and warn against the public gathering in crowded places. Citizens of Maharashtra should not violate the norms during the Ganpati Celebration. People should keep in mind the current situation. There is no large crowd gathering. Whenever there is a possibility of a large crowd gathering, the mandals need to ensure the rule has been followed.

SOPs issued by the Government Ahead of Ganpati Celebration

Due to fear of the Coronavirus, the government of Maharashtra. The government has issued the order at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi for celebrating the festival peacefully and safely. It is not be allowed in public places at the time of the festival. People are advised by the government for celebrating the Ganpati festival at home. The orders by the State Government for the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi may not be allowed in public places.

Final Verdict

Meanwhile, the final decision of making the Lockdown restrictions or relaxation is in the hands of Uddhave Thackeray. You need to check the latest updates and news of the COVID situations of Maharashtra. Stay updated with us on the major decision that the Government of Maharashtra will take. Check out here all the relevant details. It is expected that the restrictions may be imposed in September End.

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