MP Bhulekh: Check Land Records & Property Documents

If your land is in Madhya Pradesh and you want to know about the current status of the map in it, you can do so very easily using the MP Bhulekh software. The Government Of Madhya Pradesh has digitized all the land under Madhya Pradesh. This is why you can directly go to the portal and check about your land. After this facility, you do not have to go to your land physically and check it. If you have stumbled upon this article, I am assuming that you are wanting to know more about the MP Bhulekh software. Let me assure you that you have come to the most reliable place.

On this site, I am going to talk about all the important aspects of MP Bhulekh. Over here, I am going to talk about the various benefits, you can get from this site. This portal has many uses, you shall find these applications described in detail in this article. So just start reading this article carefully and you will learn a ton about MP Bhulekh.

Benefits Of MP Bhulekh

There are several benefits of MP Bhulekh. It has made the overall process regarding land very simple and less tedious.

  1. Using the portal, you can easily download all the important documents related to your land like the land records, revenue court orders. You can also pay your land revenue online using this software. This also helps you save a lot of time.
  2. Banks can directly register or remove land mortgage and hypothecation of crops.
  3. Using the portal, the revenue department can update land information as per court orders.
  4. You can easily access this portal using your smartphone. This portal also saves you from several corruptions.
  5. Using this portal, you can also watch Khara Khatuni.
  6. You can also see diversion intimation using this portal.

These are some of the benefits which a person gets through the MP Bhulekh portal.

Various Uses Of MP Bhulekh

In this article, I shall be talking about the various uses of MP Bhulekh. But before that, I shall talk about how you can log into the portal.

1. How to Log into the Portal?

In this process, I shall talk about how you can log into the MP Bhulekh portal.

  1. Firstly go to the official site of MP Bhulekh. Click here to go there.
  2. Then you shall go to the home page of the site.
  3. After that give the username and password and enter into the page.
  4. Then go ahead and submit it.

This is how you log into the portal.

2. Process Of Online Payment

In this section, I shall be talking about the process of online payment using this portal.

  1. First, open the official site of MP Bhulekh.
  2. You shall go to the Home page next.
  3. In the menu, you shall see an option for public users and click on it.
  4. When you click on this option, you get a menu saying payment of revenue.
  5. Click on it, log into it using your username and password and captcha to log into it.
  6. After that open Revenue payment.

This is the process of online payment in the portal.

3. Process of Seeing Madhya Pradesh Land Map Online

Now, I shall be discussing how you can see the Madhya Pradesh map online on this portal.

  1. As usual, go to the official page of the MP Bhulekh.
  2. Now the home page shall open.
  3. And after this click on free service and log in.
  4. Fill in information about your district and tehsil.
  5. Then go on and write your password, username, and Captcha
  6. Go ahead and submit it.
  7. Now the online map will open.
  8. Print it out now.

This is the process of seeing your map online.

4. Process of Seeing Measles/ B1 Map Copy

In this subsection, I shall be talking about how you can get a map copy of measles bl1, map copy.

  1. Go to the official website first and then go to the menu for Khasra Naksha.
  2. On the home page click on the free service option.
  3. After that click on the Khasra / B-1 / Map copy will option.
  4. Fill in the information demanded like district, tehsil, village, etc.
  5. Fill the Captcha and submit.

You shall find your required information next.

5. How to See Land Record Copy in MP-Bhulekh?

Now here, I am going to talk about the process of seeing the land copy:

  1. Firstly visit the official website, the home page shall open now.
  2. Look out for the Public user option and after that tap on it.
  3. Then download the form by clicking on it.
  4. After that log in using your password and username.
  5. Fill in the captcha.
  6. Now all information regarding your land will appear and you have to print the form.

6. Process for Checking Diversion Intimation

Below, I shall be talking about the procedure by which you can check diversion intimation.

  1. Visit the official website of MP Bhulekh.
  2. Then the Home page shall open.
  3. Over here, click on the diversion intimation menu.
  4. Next in the login box, enter the password and username and submit it.
  5. After the submission diversion intimation will open.

You can get the diversion intimation using this process.

7. How To Get Khasra Land Records?

Over here, we shall see how to get Khasra scanned map. I am going to discuss the steps in detail so that you can also do it for yourself:

  1. First of all, go to the official site.
  2. Then go to the option of settlement Khasra scan map.
  3. Click on YES for the Search record room.
  4. Fill in the suitable details for which you want to see the Khasra scan.
  5. Then submit it and a pdf map will open below it.

This is how you can get the Khasra land records.

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The use of the MP Bhulekh site is infinite, I have covered the most important uses which come into handy more often. You shall also get an idea of how to use the other features from the steps mentioned now. You can do a lot more with MP Bhulekh. Lastly do let us know what you think about the article.

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