Saral Portal Haryana: Login, Online Registration & Status Check

Saral portal is launched by the Government of Haryana to give various services to its people. If you are a resident of Haryana, then this article is for you. Through this portal, the Government is trying to simplify many things for the public. You can avail of various services, through this portal. They have brought all the services to a single portal so that the public will not have to check multiple portals. Using this site, you will be able to complete many important applications online. This is open to all people residing in Harayana.

If you have click on this article to know more about Saral Portal, then you have come to the right place. You can easily get a lot of information regarding the Saral portal if you go through this article. I shall be covering all the important things like the registration process, various benefits, and functions in great detail. So all I would request you to do is to scroll down and read the whole article.

Benefits of This Portal

The portal has been launched by the Haryana Government to simplify many Government applications for the public. This is like a one-stop solution for all Government paper works. Below, I am listing down the benefits of the Saral portal.

  1. You can find all the latest schemes given by Haryana Government on this site. These schemes belong to various departments.
  2.  In this portal, you can see the present status of your application through this site.
  3. You can get the information of all the schemes and policies under the state Government.
  4. Apart from that, you can also apply for this scheme right through this site.

How to Register in Saral Portal?

The registration process in the Saral portal is very simple. Follow the steps below, to register successfully.

  1. First of all, go to the official site. Next, you will go to the Home page.
  2. On the Home page, go to the log-in form on the right side.
  3. Go to the option below the box, which says new registration.
  4. When you will click on the new registration option, a form will open, which will ask for your information.
  5. You will have to fill in the information like name, email, mobile phone, give the password and note it, fill the Captcha.
  6. Then go on to click on Validate.
  7. Again you have to go back to the Home page and log into your account.
  8. Now you can apply to any scheme you want.

How to Apply for Any Scheme?

To apply for any scheme, you have to follow the steps below.

  1. First, go to the scheme/services list.
  2. Then find the scheme either from the list or go to the search schemes/ services.
  3. Then search for your scheme.
  4. You shall find a link beside the scheme, which shall lead you to a pdf that will have all the details of the scheme.
  5. You will get the information regarding where to apply, the documents required, and eligibility.

How to View Scheme List in Saral Portal?

Over here, I shall be talking about how you can view the scheme list in Saral Portal.

  1. First, go to the official site.
  2. You will go to the Home page.
  3. Click on the schemes/services list.
  4. A new page shall open showing you the list of schemes from various departments.

The Process by Which you can get the Information

Now you shall see the procedure by which you can get the information of the schemes. Below, I am giving a step-by-step method to get the information regarding various schemes.

  1. First, go to the official website of the Saral portal.
  2. After that, the Home page will open up.
  3. On the Home page find an option called search schemes/ services.
  4. A new page shall open where you can search for the schemes you are looking for.
  5. Over here, you have to put the keyword for your schemes.
  6. After that click on search.
  7.  All the relevant information will now appear on the screen.

How to Track My Application Online?

Here, we shall see how you can track your application online.

  1. Go to the official site first and then go to the option of track application online.
  2. And then a new page will open up which will ask you for certain details.
  3. Here you need to go ahead and enter the department, service you are availing and you also give the application number.
  4. Click on the check status button.
  5. The application status will be shown on the screen next.

This is how you check application status using online means.

Another way by which you can check the status of your application is by using your registered mobile number. You just have to send  SARAL<space><Application Id/Ticket No> SMS to the number 7738299899.

Departments Listed in the Saral Portal

The departments listed in the Saral site are:

  1. Women and Child Development Department
  2. The welfare of SC and BC
  3. urban local body
  4. town and country planning
  5. Board of School Education Haryana
  6. Building and other construction workers board
  7. South Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation
  8. finance department
  9. Haryana Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Sections Welfare Corporation
  10. Haryana Labor Welfare Board
  11. Horticulture Department
  12. health services department
  13. housing board
  14. Forest Department Haryana
  15. Department of Fertilizers and Supplies
  16. fisheries department
  17. employment department
  18. finance department
  19. South Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation
  20. charitable work
  21. tourism department
  22. Social Justice and Empowerment
  23. town and country planning
  24. Sports and Youth Affairs
  25. Department of Science and Technology
  26. Department of Sainik and Ardh Sainik Welfare
  27. Rural development
  28. Revenue Department
  29. North Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation
  30. renewable energy department
  31. public relations Department
  32. public health and engineering
  33. Printing and Stationery Department
  34. Police Department
  35. Labour Department
  36. Department of Industry and Commerce

1. Services Listed on the Site

  1. Cycle Scheme (BOCW – Labor)
  2. Marriage Registration (Urban Local Bodies)
  3. Micronutrient Fertilizers (Agriculture)
  4. Resident Certificate (Revenue)
  5. Dealer Point Registration (Transport)
  6. Issuance of New Ration Card (Food & Supplies)
  7. Income Certificate (Revenue)
  8. Old Age Samman Allowance (Social Justice and Empowerment).
  9. new electricity connection
  10. Dr. Ambedkar Meritorious Students Scheme (Welfare of SCBC)


Hope you got to know a lot about the Saral portal. Now I think you will be able to manage everything on your own. Hope you will be able to do more now.

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