Spice Money Login: B2B, AEPS Agent Online Portal

Spice money is now has a lot of customers because of its unique facilities. Many vendors are taking advantage of spice money. This is bringing sellers and vendors closer to one another. Due to its services, it is giving a boost to the MSME business in the country. If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur then this thing is for you. Spice money is now a boon for many businesses. In this article, we shall be seeing the various services provided to spice. We will also be talking about Spice Money login and various other important aspects of it.

If you have stumbled on this article to know more about Spice money then, you have come to the right place. I will be talking about how you can avail these services. If you are not a tech-savvy person, then you will also find the procedure through which you can use Spice money. Long story short, this article is going to be a one-stop solution for all the information, you require for Spice money. All I tell you now is to sit back and scroll down and read the whole article.

Utility of Spice Money

Spice money is giving various kinds of unique financial services which you can avail and use it. Many of them are quite useful for businessmen and entrepreneurs. It also gives some micro-financial services which are very helpful for many people. You can also book your flight and train tickets through this software. So to sum up, through this software, you can avail many financial services in one place.

1. Services Given by Spice Money

Over here, I shall be talking about the various services which Spice money provides. Spice money gives a varied number of services that you can avail. Below, I am listing down the services which it provides.

  1. Money transfer services
  2. Train ticketing services
  3. Flight ticket booking
  4. Insurance booking
  5. Pan card application
  6. Hotel booking services
  7. Withdrawing using ATM
  8. Microfinance services

Spice money has services for almost all kinds of financial activities. All these services are pretty reliable. All these services help people to a great extent.

How to Become a Spice Money Retailer?

In this section, I shall be talking about how you can become a Spice money retailer. This is in case you want to take up business with Spice Saffar or want ta business with spice money. Before we move to the exact steps, let me discuss the documents you need to have to apply there.

1. Documents Required

Make sure you have these documents before, you start your application.

  1. Copy of Adhaar card (signed by self)
  2. Canceled check
  3. Pan card(signed by self)
  4. Passport size photo.

2. Process of Application

You can register for the application through various means. An application can be done through the website, an agent, or the call center.

1. Detailed Procedure of application through the website

The procedure to apply for Spice money retail through the website is very simple.

  1. First of all, go to the Spice Safar website.
  2. A new form will open and you have to fill in all the information regarding yourself.
  3. To upload the Adhaar card and PAN card now.
  4. Also, upload your photo and after this, you will get a phone call from the company for your verification.

After you are verified, you will get the Spice money retailer ID. This is how you can get it done from the website

2. Process Of Application through the Agent

The process of application is very simple and can be done easily. For this, you need to find a Spice money agent for yourself.

How Can I Get the Spice Agent?

You can get to contact a Spice agent by contacting the nearest Spice distributor. Then you have to give several documents like a signed Adhaar card, signed PAN card,  photograph, email ID.

In this, you need to go to a Spice money agent. The Spice agent will then give you a form to fill and you need to fill the form, attach the documents and give it to the agent. The agent will apply on your behalf and let you know when it is done.

Applying through Customer care number:

Now I will talk about how you can apply through the Customer care number.

  • Call at +91 120 3986786, +91 120 5077786.
  • You can also email customercare@spicemoney.com.
  • You can ask the representative how to apply for this and they will guide you.

This is another way by which you can register for the spice money.

Fees Of Spice money: The fee of Spice Retail is rupees 299.

Spice Money Login Process

In this section, I shall be talking about how you can log into your B2b portal. Below, I am going to describe how exactly you are supposed to do it.

  1. First of all register yourself by going to this page.
  2. After that go to the official B2B Spice website. You can just simply search Spice B2B to get there.
  3. Now on the page, you shall have a login form, where you have to put your User ID and password.
  4. After that, go ahead and read the Terms and conditions. Then click on OK.
  5. Go to the main page, by clicking on the log-in page.
  6. By putting the correct password and username, you can easily log into the site.
  7. It is recommended to reset your password once you enter the site.

This is how you log into the B2B portal.

AEPS Spice Money 2021

AEPS stands for Adhaar enabled Payment System. This is basically a B2B transaction platform. Using this platform, you can transfer a small amount of money to any bank account. This has become more popular after many businesses are using  Spice Safar. You can access this feature after logging into Spice money.


Here are the important FAQs by users.

1. How to get a Spice Agent?

You can get a Spice agent by contacting the nearest Spice distributor.

2. What is Spice Money Adhikari?

Spice Money Adhikari is basically a Spice Agent who helps you book tickets for flights and train, book insurance, etc.

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With that, I come to an end of this article. Hope this article helped you know more about Spice money. Do let me know what you think about this article.


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